Thursday 8th May

In the first morning we met at Carelicum. We listened to a presentation about education in Joensuu by Mauno Väänänen, Director of Education in Joensuu. Then the students presented their own countries and told something about employment in their country. There was a fifteen-minute break between those presentations when students were able to chat with each other. 
Headmaster Hannu Naumanen and English teacher Sinikka Lyyra
Spanish students giving their presentation
Belgian students

Finnish students
We had free time before going to school and we walked around the town centre. We had lunch in school and gathered together in class 17 to listen to a short presentation about Pielisjoki school. 
Presentation on Pielisjoki School
Comenius teachers
We also gavea tour of our school to our visitors. 
Sinikka Lyyra and Marie-Regine Botteldooren in Home Economics class

The Comenius corner in Pielisjoki School
The visitors were at lessons with their hosts before we watching a video about making Karelian pastries. 
Then we went to our home economics classes and baked some Karelian pastries. 
Home economics teacher showing how to make Karelian patries
Marc and Ziortxa
Teachers Claire from France and Blanka from Slovenia

Ready for oven
Almost ready to be eaten!
After baking, eating and cleaning the students went to host families and had free time. I went to a riding lesson with my guest at a stables nearby.

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