Monday September 22nd

Monday morning we went with host students to their school. 

Farsala School


After that we went to cultural centre of Farsala to present our presentations about European labour market.
The auditorium



  After that we were split up into two groups: one went to see a cotton factory and the other a halva shop and then we changed. 
Local Halva shop

Lisää kuvateksti

Chrysoula from Greece, Etienne from Belgium and Lucka from Slovenia
The owner of the shop showed us how to make halva

Comenius students listening carefully

Cotton fields

A guide explaining what's the difference between different fibres

Inside the cotton plant
Storage room
Then we went to meet the Major of Farsala in the town hall.
Farsala Town Hall

The Mayor


The Finnish Comenius students Heini, Vendela and Samuli and Sinikka, the teacher
Then we went with our host students to eating.  At evening we head back to the cultural centre for a Greekish night to dance our dances and watch others. 
Traditional Greek dance


Finland: letkajenkka


Spain: macarena


 After that all the Comenius students went to town centre for dinner. 

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