Sunday 9th February

Sunday. It was like a “relax-day”. We stayed with families, and they had made some programs to us. Some of us went to the Valencia and some of us were at homes.
I think so that it was good ending for the long and hard week, because I was so tired about everything. We had had so much everything to do. So this home day was just at the right time! I really enjoyed just hanging at home and walking on the mountains. 

We ate this food for lunch. It was really  good paella, which had chicken and vegetables and rise. 

  …and we ate oranges from the trees. They were so juicy! 

 Mountains were so big and extremely beautiful. (There is Anniina, Ziortxa and Irene in the picture.) 

 A dried river.

 So many oranges on the same tree!

It was really beautiful area. There we could see history of the place from the old rocks and roads. 

At the some places terrain was hard to walk.


After this day was good to leave from Spain, back for Finland. We had seen so much and we had used and proved our language skills. It was an awesome experience, and I think so that we will never forget that.


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