Friday 27th March

Visiting at the Bruyerre chocolate factory and presentations!

The morning started at about 7 o'clock because we had to start to prepare ourselves for the day. The morning was beautiful; it was warm and sunny, but we were excited because this was the day when we had to present our presentations about Joensuu and its labour market and youth employment/unemployment.

About 8 o'clock our group left for the chocolate factory Bruyere by foot because it was just around the corner. (The other two groups went to different places) The smell of the chocolate factory was amazing; it was like sweet sugar mixed with dark chocolate or cocoa. The staff of the factory presented us ways how they make their chocolates and we went on a tour around the place. It was fun to see how they make so good chocolate! At the end of the tour we could ask some questions about the factory and its stuff, and of course buy some chocolate. And then we were interviewed by the local tv, which was very surprising because we didn't really expect that... But I think it all was a really fun experience!

After the visit to the factory we went back to the school and started our presentations. It was quite nerverecking to start the whole thing but it was a good feeling when you realised that people were really listening to what you had to say! I think our presentation was ok, but in my opinion, it could have had more colour in it! Oh well, maybe next time! I think the other groups' presentations were amazing! They had worked on them so hard I think. I hope we see something like that in Finland too! 

Between the presentations we had "short" breaks which lasted something like an hour. But we had fun; we went to see the school (which was absolutely beautiful and huge) and then we went to dance with Greek and Spanish students! I think they really know how to dance! But after all, the day was really amazing and it continued till the evening, when we went to eat some Italian food with the students from all countries! I think I had a lovely time there!:)


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