Friday 20th March

On the morning we visited different enterprises. We were divided into 5 groups. I went with my group in to the waste treatment plant. There were many unique methods to handle the waste. For example, they have some material which makes that place odourless. That is good for people. They have also really basic methods like burning the waste and reusing waste for different purposes. The safety was alright. I liked that visit because in Finland we don’t have many places like that. 

From the frame factory Gauthier

Testing the shutters

 From the steel factory Gagne.

After lunch we went to the center of Le Puy en Velay. We were divided into new groups. We went sightseeing around Le Puy. We also had a little competition. AT every attraction we saw we got a few syllables and we should make one sentence out of them. The French students told something about each attraction. It was really interesting because we saw a lot of the city. The morning was a little boring but end of the day was funny and nice.

One of the groups

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