Thursday 19th March

In the morning we came to school at eight o´clock. 
The school grounds
 Then we walked to community center along the river Loire. 

A beautiful mural
The Community centre of Brives-Charensac
The mayor of Brives-Charensac greeted us. We also had a snack. Then we had our presentations there. The school's music class sang a few French songs to the Comenius-students and teachers.

The head Mr Kostiakis, Claire and the Mayor

Comenius students





The music class performing for us

Then we walked back to school and had lunch in the canteen. First we went to follow a biology lesson. Students made a powerpoint presentation. 

The entrance to the school canteen

School lunch

Then we went outside and played petanque and took some pictures. After that we went the home economics class and made crepes. 


 When the school finished we all went to our host families home.

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