Wednesday 18th March

First we went to  Joensuu airport at 5.15 am. Then we flew to Helsinki and landed at Helsinki-Vantaa airport at around 7 am. We didn’t have much time in Helsinki so we went straight to the gate. We landed at Paris (Charles de Gaulle) airport at 9.40 am. The flight from Helsinki to Paris took about three hours. The flight wasn’t so long. Our next flight was from Paris to Lyon and we landed at Lyon airport St Exupery at around noon. 

A happy face

 We were very hungry after the flights, and first we went to some restaurant at Lyon airport. The food was very good. After lunch we went to Starbucks coffee and we bought there something to drink.


  We met the other Comenius-students around 2.30 pm. When we had all the Comenius-students at Lyon airport, we got on the bus and started our trip to Le Puy-En-Velay. We arrived at the school of Corsac at about 6 pm and met our host families. Then all the students left for their host families' home and the first day was over.

Meeting the families

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